I do not normally write reviews of companies or products but, in this case, I was so overjoyed with the customer service I received from Windy Nation that I decided that I "owed" them this review. In late August of 2012 I was preparing to take my RV into the Canadian back country for an extended off grid camping trip. After doing some research on the internet, I figured out that I was going to need some solar panels to keep my RV batteries charged. I did a lot of research online to find a company with reasonable prices for solar panels and the accessories, which led me to windynation.com

I called Windy Nation and was able to speak to a gentleman name Al. He explained to me how figure out the power consumption (Watt hours) that I was going to be using to power my stuff (lights, TV, computer, etc). He was not pushy at all. Nothing like your typical sales guy who simply wants your money! He told me to call back once I figured out the approximate Watt hours I would use in a day and that he would then craft a solar system for my RV.

Al designed a 300 Watt solar system for my 24 volt RV battery bank. The system included everything. Solar panels, mounting brackets, solar cable, charge controller and fuses. I did not need to buy anything else from any other company. That really made it easy and convenient.

After I received my solar system, I still had several questions about the installation and windynation continued to provide excellent customer support via e-mail and over the phone.

Like I said, I almost NEVER write product reviews but I was so impressed with Windy Nation's customer service that I felt like I had to write this. Thanks WindyNation (Especially Al …. You were great!)

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The review made by Fisherman John above is a load of ***. It obviously was made by Windy Nation.

My exsperience with Windy Nation was on their wind turbine blades. Scam!!

They advertise chrome looking blades but what they send you is BRUSHED aluminum blades that are not only SLOW as *** but broke off in the high winds i had.

They tried to buy me off on ebay by saying they made a mistake and sent me the wrong blades. How could that be i said, you don't even SELL brushed aluminum blades. I am not the only one they screwed.There are hundreds of complaints on them.Go to youtube and type in barefoothippy1. This woman got the same *** as i did.

Mike Rita, California


That sounds nice but they do sell a chinese turbine they say is made in america

to Buffalo Bob #590202

You may be overjoyed but it looks like some folk on e nay leave fbad feedback when people advertise things made in america that are made in china. It is just dishonest

Palmdale, California, United States #594571

Hey will

just red yur review. i got me a solar kit frum windynation to.

i have the 200watt kit. had it for 4months and it kicks some real ***. good peopl to work with a windynation.

i use mine out in the mojave. we take the motorcycles out their on the rv almost every wekend.

Hickory, North Carolina, United States #596491

man for the price these windynation solar kits are the bomb. i am using the 400w solar panel kit on my bugout cabin.

i live in north carolina and i am pre-paring for a world wide food shortage which i think will come in the next 5-15 years.

my cabin is ready for this situation. i plan on getting another 400w kit from windynation this spring when the weather warms up.

to Buffalo Bob Tampa, Florida, United States #603291

I have eight windy nation 100 Watt panels installed on my garage roof, wired into a battery bank and inverter which primarily functions as a very large (5KW)back-up power supply for the house. After 2 years, everything is still working fine. They keep the batteries topped off without using power from the grid. Each panels' current output is about 6.3 amps under bright sun, which yields about 85 watts into a 12 volt gel cell battery at 14.2 volts. The panels can output about 21 volts which would indeed yield 100 watts, but not while connected with the included charge controller. A MPPT controller would achieve 100 watts.

The included charge controller is acceptable in that it works as advertised. One good thing about it is that it does not shunt the panels when the battery is charged, it actually opens the circuit, which means the excess panel output would be available for other uses. I intend to build another device for charging another set of batteries after the primary set is charged.

The kit windynation put together for me did include all the MC4 connectors for wiring everything together. This was very nice because nobody wants to be searching around for this and that part. We want our stuff to work out of the box! I strongly recommend the charge controller be used, as these panels can easily overcharge most any 12 volt battery if a charge controller is not wired in. Overall I am happy with my purchase and the customer service.

to Robert_D Boulder, Colorado, United States #605600

We bought the windynation 200w solar kit 4 months ago. We live in Boulder, CO so this has plenty of opportunity to work. We have it plugged into 2 marine batteries (like car batteries, but bigger and they are deep cycle), and we have an inverter connected to those. The inverter is in the house, and the batteries are outside. The wire goes through the wall. We plug things into the inverter.

This was easy to put together. One thing I like about windynation is that they can actually answer installation and set-up questions about solar panel systems. I tried talking to a few other vendors but they were not able to answer my questions.

You have to buy the batteries, but this came with everything else. Oh, and if you want to run AC household appliances like us, you will need to get a DC to AC inverter. Get an inverter that is larger than you think you will need. Once in a while you might have several different items hooked up to the inverter and that will be a lot of Watts. We are using a 3000 Watt DC to AC inverter.

I can run my laptop all day, as well as recharge the cell phones and power several other small appliances when needed. My wife can also run her laptop. If we only get on the laptops after work, we can run them all night. I've had to switch to grid power a couple of times if I've used my laptop all day in conjuction with some other appliances, but I've never had to switch over if we have only used the laptops.(This doesn't count the rainy and really cloudy days we've had.)

This is not the biggest solar panel set, but it's very good for starting out and learning about solar power. It's inexpensive enough to set up and charge all your rechargeable stuff whenever you need it, as long as you live in a fairly sunny area. And I am happy with the quality of the items and installation instructions.

You're not going off the grid with this set-up, but you'll save money off your electric bill each month and, more importantly, you will have a back-up power supply when the grid goes down or in cases of emergencies. And you get to tell all your hippy friends you went green!

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