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The owner of Windy Nation spoke with me and we finally had a meeting of the minds. He did all he could to help me resolve the issue, including g sending replacement parts.

In the end the product was not suited well for my application to run a 8w LED Lightbulb for 3 hours a day. The most I could get was 2 days or 6 hours before the battery voltage dropped below 11.90v and faulted the inverter. I am satisfied the company did everything they could to help and probably lost money in the end. Unfortunately I also invested time and money and never got what I needed.

Chalking this up to a bad fit and moving on. As far as Windy nation is concerned, I have no issue with them and appreciate their efforts.

Original review posted by user Nov 13, 2017

After 5 months and over 45 interactions with Customer Service I have yet to get what I paid for. I have had to prove Windy Nation sold me a bad battery.

Now that there is proof, they tell me that they cannot replace the Battery without me sending mine back so they can test it. Then they are blaming me and refusing warrantee for the battery load dropping below 50% when their set up is providing insufficient power to begin with. Imagine that a 100 W system cannot generate enough solar electricity to power 1 LED light bulb (8 watts) for 3 hours a day in full sunlight. Its like refusing to warranty a new car because it came with an oil leak that will not allow the oil to stay at acceptable level.

I am convinced they are corrupt and that their products are garbage. Should have done more research on web.

Noticed that they have an F rating on the Better Business Bureau. Check out these links

Review about: Windy Nation Solar Power System.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $600.

I didn't like: Bad product and service.

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This is completely untrue. Customer allowed battery to drain below 0% charge and then seven months later wants a new battery.

We offered guidance to restore the charge as well as return options

to Windy Nation #1391423

These guys try and twist out of their obligation to provide a working product. If you believe their assertion I would have purchased a $600 100 W solar kit with the intention of draining a battery by running 1 LED lightbulb for 3 hours a day.

The truth is their system has never worked because the battery is defective and their only remedy is to make me ship it back at my cost and then claim I voided the warranty so they have no liability.

What ***. When you have an F rating on the BBB it's pretty evident who is the liar here.

to Dean Brown #1432530


I am going to have to agree with them. I have destroyed SLA Batteries in 2 weeks in various tests.

Your type is the main reason I stay away from selling anything to the end consumer. Granted they probably should have just given you your money back to make you go away since the annoying tech support calls probably cost over a $1,000.

to DAN #1432540


You don't have all the facts and you are in no position to make a judgement on any of this. Your opinion is fine and yes customers are not all willing to just go away when they feel like they are getting screwed.

That said I am happy to report that the leader of this company and I finally talked over the phone and he proved to me that he was willing to do what it took to help me get the value for my investment. I am satisfied that Windy Nation at least tried. The owner is a stand up guy. The bottom line is that they have sent out replacements of virtually all of the components and have spent time trying to troubleshoot the situation.

Unfortunately, the package I purchased cannot power a lightbulb in a chicken coop for 3 hours a day more that two days without draining the battery. Even in full sunlight. So my initial investment and my time have not resulted in success either. I have solar equipment all over my ranch and don't have any issues with my solar fence, my solar gate opener, my 20KW 56 panel system.

But this product just did not work for me. Since talking with the owner and seeing that he really does care about his customers, I am chalking this up to a bad fit and moving on. So your comment about "My Type" is probably exactly why you will never succeed in dealing with people.

BTW this is a complaint site in case you missed that. Take care my friend

to Windy Nation #1391428

I'm sure they will try and deny that as well. Here is the link to BBB

There are many other ripped off customers on this site and others. Don't be fooled.

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